Three Points Regarding Congressman Anthony D. Weiner

  1. It is damn nigh impossible to fashion a sentence which includes his name that can not be construed as filthy.
  2. Very rarely, the Universe delivers a comedy opportunity that’s almost too easy.
  3. When you have an open layup, you should always take the shot.

The national press knows all of these points implicitly. Consider this post a purging of sorts. All the following images and headlines were pulled off the web in one twenty-minute span. Hopefully, this collection can serve to expunge the puns and return ‘weiner’ to the good folks of Oscar Mayer.

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, Olson

You’re welcome. Or I’m sorry. Whatever.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


One thought on “Three Points Regarding Congressman Anthony D. Weiner

  1. Chris says:

    It’s really hard not to long for the moment that this story shrivels up and goes away.

    Like cold water on a….oh…forget it

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