Games and Gamers: The Evolution of The Platform and The Culture

In 1972, as my Mom dragged my brothers and I through Sears Roebuck in the Harrisburg East Mall in search of back-to-school Tough Skins™, we stopped dead in our tracks before this amazing revelation bouncing across a TV screen.  It was Atari’s Pong.  And it was breathtakingly awesome.  How awesome?  Click the link and be ready to have your mind blown…

Now, not quite forty years later, here is the game play trailer for the latest installment of the monstrously-popular Call of Duty series. Modern Warfare 3 hopes to set new sales records for a franchise that has already sold 100 million units…

If those graphics don’t blow your mind, well, check your pulse. This isn’t watching a movie, it’s playing a movie.  And over 7 million gamers play “Call of Duty” every day. In fact, Activision says their average customer spends 58 minutes playing the game every day. That is hugely significant. That is more time than most people spend on Facebook.

And as the latest facts and figures from the gaming industry show, a huge percentage of gamers are adults. In fact, the average gamer is a 34 year old male. For more remarkable information on this platform, check out this infographic from Richard Darell of Bit Rebels.

Boy, this must be how my grandfather felt about air travel over his lifetime…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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