Found Art, Found Music, Found Brand

Found art relies upon an artist utilizing the happenstance of available materials to create something visual.

I found this video last night by pure happenstance. It features artist Andrew Huang creating a musical celebration of jeans. With jeans. And aside from his fondness for thong underwear, it’s a rather enthralling piece.

Of course, in researching this video and then this artist, I discovered a brand: M Jeans, and it’s “dedicated to the taller man” 6′ 6″ founder Mark Seeger. He tells an interesting, long-tailed story about not being able to find jeans that fit his inseam which led to his founding of this long-legged brand of denim.

Which, as a lankier fellow myself, I just found and ordered. Thanks to found art. Of found music. Through found video content.

Sometimes, the interwebs just…work.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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