Some Friday Video Awesome: The Sound of Rain

Back in 1982, the band Toto released the single “Africa” which quickly became their biggest hit. Coming as it did at the tail end of one of the nadirs of American pop music, few musical organizations reach back to those big-haired days for musical inspiration.  Luckily, Eastern Europeans do.

Perpetuum Jazzile is an a cappella Slovenian choir that interprets and performs both jazz and popular music (find their website here--it’s great if you’re literate in Slovenian).  In this video, they open their “Africa” piece by simulating a rainstorm entirely with their hands.  This merits headphones: in less than two minutes, a rainstorm approaches, builds and crescendoes with thunderous power before subsiding again.  It is a wonderfully inventive re-imagining.

Happy Friday — and may this be the only rain of this Memorial Day weekend.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson



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