Magically Ridiculous, and Available on Amazon

By this point, we’ve all noticed how Amazon has long expanded far beyond mere books, stealthily adding every conceivable product to its warehouse of offerings. If you don’t believe me, type “Lucky Charms Marshmallows Only” into their search bar and watch what comes back.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, AdvertisingThat’s right, you can buy a twenty pound bag of cereal marshmallows for $89.99 plus shipping.  Of course, they contract that particular item through the obsessive compulsive Montanans at, so what they are really selling in this, and a huge percentage of their offerings, is convenience, trust and good user experience. That’s been their unique path to dominance in online retailing and it’s hard to fault them for it.

But no, I haven’t ordered a bag of this colorful dietary pornography for myself. There isn’t enough insulin in an Eli Lilly boxcar…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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