Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Be Ashamed

Oh sure, he should be ashamed about his much publicized marital misbehavior, no doubt. But that is a private matter, a painful reality that a father and husband must deal with as he struggles to preserve any semblance of the family life that he jeopardized through his careless and boneheaded behavior.

No, instead  I’m thinking about this commercial below for a product that apparently, has no English translation. This is the kind of offshore commercial endorsement that big American stars accept, confident that it will never make its way to these shores. But of course, the web is world wide. And so everything travels. Including this unfortunateness…

I don’t care how much they paid him, it wasn’t enough. As the incredibly talented director Pam Thomas might put it, this is ‘schmacting’…and that’s never a good thing.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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