PING Delivers A Powerful Non Word of Mouth Effort

Actually, it’s corporate public service, a humanitarian outreach to wounded US soldiers. As part of  the discharge process from rehab hospitals for some wounded veterans, Phoenix-based PING fits vets for custom golf clubs: woods and irons in a golf bag embroidered with their name and “wounded war veteran.” They also provide three days of golf instruction.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, AdvertisingPING does not advertise this program. They don’t even mention it on their website. Still, word has gotten out. I learned about it through an email from my father-in-law. And according to, the US Marine Corps has already honored the company for their engagement with the Wounded Warriors Sports Project. A PING spokesman explained their participation in this program that serves veterans severely injured fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan “They learn to do sports — anything from skiing to golf to rock-climbing. It’s an amazing program…The Armed Forces have done so much to help protect our liberties and help us to be a successful company. The least we could do was to give back to these true American heroes.”

But that and a few random articles in places like Golf Digest is about as much as PING themselves will do to promote their participation. And it is far better that they don’t because they don’t have to. There are thousands of communities filled with people hungry for a good story about corporate decency more than willing to tell that story for them. Through emails. And, apparently, blog postings.

Well played PING, well played indeed.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson



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