Some Friday Video Awesome

Earlier this week, I got a bit choked up watching the Bulls. Not because Derrick Rose earned the MVP and demonstrated how resolve, commitment and character elevate your game as a human being… And not because the team bounced back from the lapses of Game 1, playing and passing smarter…  No, I choked up a bit when this ad aired during the second quarter.

When you try to capture sentiment with film, you dance on a knife’s edge: push too hard and your idea dies the ignominious death of the maudlin. Hold back too much and your idea dies the flat, easily-forgotten death of non-commitment.

But when you get sentiment right, when you truly capture all the emotional heft of a parent’s dreams for their child, when you weave the product into the narrative seamlessly and the music accentuates without overwhelming…well then you get something like this.  Something wonderful like this.

Happy Friday.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

3 thoughts on “Some Friday Video Awesome

  1. Dave says:

    Dammit d, I had to pull down my sunglasses as I watched this on the L.
    A dad and his daughters. It’s too much sometimes.

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