I Like This Ad. A Lot. No Kidding.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Advertising

When clients consistently do remarkable advertising, it’s no surprise to see an amazing ad. But few consumer packaged goods advertisers have long track records of notable, breakthrough work. Most muddle along in the middle, researching and tweaking their work not to intrigue so much as not offend the lowest common consumer denominator. It can be dispiriting work.

Which is why I love this ad. It’s simple. It’s bright. And it’s 100% genuine kid. Even in an era of PS3’s and iPads and Deathly Hallows, changing your tongue’s color and proudly showing it off to random passerby remains a universal joy of childhood.

Admitting I like this ad will probably cost me some cred. But it’s easy to gin up a sassy ad for condom shops or customized motorcycles; to get something this focused through the gauntlet of approvals in a CPG company is downright heroic.

Nicely done Kool-Aid creatives.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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