A Connected World Highlights Our Flaws, Which May Help Us Outgrow Them

Apparently there’s a royal wedding this week. And that’s a pretty big deal.

If you live in the UK and have sentient awareness at a level greater than say flint shale, you definitely know that.

Unless you are Cameron O’Reilly.  Cameron is eighteen, a member of the red jacketed, bearskin-hatted Scots Guard and–as we are all growing increasingly aware–prone to the sort of bellicose self-aggrandizement of a young meathead whose bench press far outstrips his IQ. In pounds or kilos.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Advertising
Actually, The Post Is Mightier Than The Minimi Light Machine Gun…

On Monday, a mere week before his wedding day duties, Cameron posted this to his Facebook wall: “hur and william drove past me on friday n all a got was a shitty wave while she looked the opposite way from me, stupid stuck-up cow am a not good enough for them! posh bitch am totally with u on this 1 who reely gives a f*** about hur?”

On grammar alone, that’s a dumb statement. Considering his job, that’s three dimensionally dumb—dumb at a level even teen narcissism can’t begin to explain.

Young Cameron posted this and his other opinions on the internet where they reside in a Valhalla of digital immortality. And so, in short order, a press corps already exhausted from their breathless interviews with royal florists and lace tatters and bath salt blenders started poking around the rest of the Cameron O’Reilly web stream oeuvre. They found Cameron’s insights on Pakistani people: “a was gonae put a few rifles in ma bergan anaw but then a remembered a couldnt fit any in cause a had 2 many paki’s scalps in it already”

They also dug up this exchange with a pal regarding Jewish people: is watchin a massive jew gathering outside the window at the tower of london!! av never seen so many rabbi’s in ma life.” When his similarly quick-witted pal suggested “Get the rifle out…”, Cameron answered “Have got one of the Jews in my sights now lmao”

The world is not laughing its ass off with Cameron. With blinding speed, Cameron plunged from being a faceless member of a storied honor guard to a universally-reviled waste of skin less evolved than a jackbooted soccer hooligan. Cameron’s not unique; he’s simply the latest in a seemingly inexhaustible list of self-revealing ass hats.  Like him.  And them.  And her.

The amazing thing about living in today’s globally-connected world is that most of us average, ordinary people have less to fear from the smears of others than the damning statements we make ourselves. We may try to bury our basest prejudices, but in moments of fury, they will inevitably out.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe someday all our daily connecting and sharing and linking up will not just help reveal them.

Maybe it will help us outgrow them.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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