Capturing the Physical on Film

I’ve never skydived.

Bungee jump? Yep. River rafting? Sure. Hang-gliding? Uh-huh. But no jumping out of airplanes. Still, you can imagine how that must feel: the heart-in-the-throat thrill, the deafening rush of wind, the giddy sense of momentary weightlessness…

So how do you sell something so experiential? How can film capture the immediate sensory overload of the actual jump?

If you’re Melbourne Skydive Centre, you produce a remarkably artful piece using cheap but durable GoPros: mountable, wearable, HD sports cameras that truly are point and shoot. You give the piece a catchy, provocative name, like Experience Human Flight (as opposed to Experience Human Dropping). Then you get it out on the web for enthusiasts to share.

And because the web is worldwide, it travels all the way to Minneapolis where it puts my heart in my throat…and adds one more line item to the bucketlist.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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