Sad for My Lady Irish, But Thoroughly Awful for Echo Advertising

My NCAA brackets for the men’s series were positively pathetic. Admittedly, I chose emotionally, picking my beloved if overmatched Irish, but even that doesn’t explain how totally crushed I got by that marvelously unpredictable series.

But the Women’s bracket promised something far better as the poised Lady Irish team under the tutelage of the relentless Muffet McGraw proved the charm all series long.  Against all odds, they made the Final game. Sadly, they couldn’t beat Texas A&M but still, I am happy for the players and admire their thrilling effort.

I was not however, nearly as entertained by the commercial breaks, particularly this mystifying ad from the good people at Echo Chainsaws that ran multiple times…

What the hell is that all about? Who takes a chainsaw through TSA? Yeah, I get the topicality of the reference, but it should have at least marginal relevance to the product and this whole setup doesn’t. It’s a cheap reference to privacy violating pat downs that anyone who travels recognizes and resents but nonetheless it has nothing whatsoever to do with chainsaws.  I get that it’s supposed to be funny that this guy somehow gets his horror movie splatter tool through security but so what?

Sorry–as much as I like a joke, I still need a point.  I don’t get it. This is a fail.

The Irish womens basketball team however, is not a fail. They’re merely… rebuilding.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, OLSON



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