Do You Recognize This Doctor With His Shirt On?

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, OLSONOn Sunday, I flew into Harrisburg with my older daughter to visit my parents for a few days. Sitting in the very last row of the AA Embraer 190, I noticed two things.

First, nobody shuts the damned bathroom door when they finish. Seriously, no one? Really?

And second, Dr. Jeffry “I Swear I’m Not Photoshopped” Life has a new photo in the back of the American Way magazine.

You know Dr. Life… If you’ve been bored on any flight during the past five years, you’ve seen him. He’s that bald, bespectacled older guy who stands shirtless, his thumb hooked saucily in his jeans pocket as he shows off a jarringly youthful body builder’s chest in ads for something called Cenegenics.

In the new photo, he sports a black wrestling singlet as he puts on a sweet gun show, his arms cut and massive, his face still as unassuming as one of Santa’s cousins.

Maybe the doctor did find the fountain of youth… Maybe human growth hormone and testosterone injections can lead to super-fit aging… And maybe you can take the word of a heavily-promoted Las Vegas-based physician/entrepeneur who claims his image hasn’t been digitally altered and that his last name really is “Life.”

But that is kinda asking a lot.


By Dennis “My Bracket Is Now Entirely Useless” Ryan, CCO, OLSON

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