St. Patrick: Secured Christian Tolerance in Ireland Amongst the Ancients, Economic Spending Today

Just so’s you know…

An estimated 122 million Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. That’s over 50% of the population, up over 7% from last year, and the most in the history of the National Retail Federation’s surveying history.

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, OLSONBeing retailers, the NRF’s St. Patrick’s survey also asked how much people plan to spend, which is just under $34 dollars.  Do the math and that equals over four billion dollars injected into the American economic engine this 17th of March. That’s a considerable amount of sentimental Micks buying Jameson and colcannon. Further, nearly 102 million people plan to wear green for the Holiday, with well over a third of those attending a bar or restaurant as part of their festivities. That’s an even more considerable amount of one-day Irish adoptees. And God love every O’Merlotti and O’Bertocchi among them: it’s grand to have a lovely day when everybody’s Irish.

Born a Scot, the widely-celebrated St. Patrick lived a singularly remarkable life and eventually became both the patron saint of Ireland and the unwitting patron of bars and restaurant patrons from coast to coast. God love him, as both a historic figure and an economic engine. Every year, this is a magical Spring day indeed.

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what your background. Today, everyone’s Irish, and everyone’s family.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, OLSON


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