Fresh Powder

So I woke up this morning, trying to gather my thoughts for the first day at the new job. I wanted to find a visual metaphor and it hit me right away: fresh powder.

Fresh powder makes perfect sense because today marks my first run. No one’s out front, everything lying ahead can be new and uncharted…

Dennis Ryan, CCO, OLSON

Oh, it also makes sense because it snowed here last night.  So there’s that.

Off we go…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, OLSON


4 thoughts on “Fresh Powder

  1. chris L says:

    why am i still reading this blog? i don’t work for you anymore. i don’t need the brownie points. bah! maybe it’s cuz i miss you already. btw, i stole 2 of the nice leather chairs out of your conference room and all the blank cd’s you hid on top of your shelves ; )

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