That Sound You Heard Last Night Was My Arteries Occluding

In the 50’s, Jack LaLanne brought fitness awareness to mainstream America via television. In the 60’s, Julia Child brought French cooking to mainstream America via television and a best selling cook book. And in December, 2008, the BBQ Addicts blog brought the Bacon Explosion to mainstream America via the virality of the nutritionally unthinkable.

If you like bacon, the Bacon Explosion is magic. If you like pork, it’s super magic. And if you like them rolled together in an unholy protein mash up even Robert Atkins might consider excessive, this is your holy grail. Of course, if you’re vegetarian, some well-meaning fella did create one out of tempeh but that’s just kind of depressing…

The sheer surprise and audacity of this recipe idea made it a natural pass along on the forward-friendly web, quickly leading this monstrous concoction to widespread awareness and ultimately, my plate during last night’s game.  And I’m more than just okay with that…

A quick Google search turns up nearly 1.7 million results, including step-by-step how-to’s and video cooking demonstrations.  And one of those seemingly endless posts inspired my brother-in-law Chris to create one. Of course, now that the Pack proved triumphant, I can pretty much expect this for every Green Bay post-season game: Christopher has his superstitions.

Anyway, this is what glory looks like in photographs. Enjoy…

Dennis Ryan, Element 79, Chicago Advertising


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


One thought on “That Sound You Heard Last Night Was My Arteries Occluding

  1. SuperTodd5000 says:

    Here’s my suggestion for next year. Stuff that meat casserole thing into a pig and then roast that pig on a spit in your backyard!!! Feed the pig pork rinds for a month before the whole porkuluscious deal goes down for extra credit, m’friend.

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