One Final Round of Thanks for 2010

It’s been fun to think about all the unique and interesting qualities that each and every person who works at Element 79 has as individuals and how that ladders up to give the entire agency a distinct character.  Because it certainly, certainly does…

Dennis Ryan, Element 79, Chicago AdvertisingI’m thankful for Neal Stamell who loves what we do and is ever-ready to suss out new ways to do it even better…  I’m thankful for the one-woman pep squad that is Lindsay Stevens, who—as someone put it so perfectly on Facebook—has a remarkable ability to make you feel affirmed simply by agreeing with you through her trademarked “I know, right?”…  I’m thankful for the Japanimaniac Dave Straus who first with the crushingly-original Futagoyuro and now with the fantastic Gold Giant, pushes the boundaries of creativity and inspires everyone with his prodigious and singular talents…  I’m thankful for the delightful Tracy Tran who I can trust with any project and know both the client and the creative team will walk away very, very happy…  I’m thankful for Donna Tropp who just keeps getting better and better at getting things done while laughing and cracking wise…  I’m thankful for the ever-game Maria Van Etten whose smile alone improves every assignment…  I’m thankful for Jason Weinberger who can dive deep and write voluminously and well on everything from hairstyles to interest rates…  I’m thankful for my boss Brian Williams and his leadership that ensures we’ll be keeping the doors open and the lights on despite the continual upheavals in this advertising business…  I’m thankful for Josh Witherspoon who embraces new forms of creativity and pushes the boundaries of work our clients expect…  I’m thankful Ashley Wohl recently joined us to bring her new and unique design perspective to all of us…  I’m thankful for Lih Min Yuan for his broad imagination, his discriminating palate, and candidly–his durability after this Fall’s potentially-ugly car accident…  And I’m thankful for the skills and charm of Colleen Zazzetti who brightens mornings and only through getting married a few years back and giving up her “Coleman” name lands in the final position on this list…

I truly am thankful for all of these wonderful people.  I’m thankful for so many more who’ve been at Element 79 for a while before moving on to other workplaces and opportunities.

Dennis Ryan, Element 79, Chicago AdvertisingI’m also thankful for the helpful network of Chicago production–all the post houses, film houses, audio studios, design and animation and editing experts who help us turn thoughts into wonderful, shining things.  As a local community, we are truly lucky to work and partner with so much talent.  I’m also thankful for the larger production community on the coasts, in Texas and around the world.

And finally, I’m ridiculously thankful for all of our clients who make it possible to earn a living making things up for them.  That’s a truly wonderful gift.

Thank you for making 2010 better and here’s to a wonderful 2011 for all of us.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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