Yep, Still Lots More Thankfulness for 2010

The people you work with at an agency define the success of both that enterprise and your own daily experience within it.  Through good times and tough times, I genuinely enjoy the people I’m lucky to work beside every single day…

Dennis Ryan, Element 79, Chicago AdvertisingI’m thankful for Kate Napleton who embraces creativity in all its forms, building it for every audience, client and agency alike…  I’m thankful for the calm surety of Tom Napper who steers all of us through the raging waters of convergence and innovation…  I’m thankful for the dapper Prashant Nashi whose creative mind is like a mental popcorn popper…  I’m thankful for the pop culture genius of Canice Neary who regularly slays me with both his wit and his online Halo skills… I’m thankful Jayne “Jay-Jay” Nesheim came in from NY to help keep us accurate, which makes her pretty awesome despite being a Mark Sanchez fan…  I’m thankful for the ceaselessly productive Jennifer Niccum whose infectious laughter reverberates up and down the halls, particularly after five…  I’m thankful for the detail-oriented Christie Nichols whose witty and insightful competitive tracking reports do so much more than just list what the cellular big boys are up to…  I’m thankful and happy for Kim Noles as she goes off to explore a whole new life with her very lucky family…  I’m thankful for the tasteful eye of Zulema Orozco who makes all of us look exquisite with her discerning designs…  I’m thankful for Alex Piechocki who jumped in with both feet from the moment she arrived, ever quick to find an answer or suggest an alternative…  I’m thankful for Linda Poe whose tight control over our budget makes it possible to still be thanking all the people on this list…  I’m thankful for Vin Quach whose hard work ethic is matched only by his quick laugh and smile…  I’m thankful for the multi-threat Susie Rashid who champions the agency tirelessly in the brutal trenches of corporate finance without losing her humanity…  I’m thankful for Rob Ray our ever curious, ever hip, long distance tech master… I’m thankful for the wonderful Liz Rettger and her remarkable creative output, even if she always makes me feel like I talk too damn much… I’m thankful for the discerning ears and gentle manner of Jason Rizzo whose skills have redefined many creatives’ expectations about in-house production…  I’m thankful for the ex-Warden Amy Rogers whose artfulness touches a wide range of client work, along with transcendent in-house performances like the Chilean Mimers…  I’m very thankful Bill Rogers joined us this Summer bringing both his side-armed wit and seasoned writing craft…  I’m thankful for the diligent and remarkable Lynn Ruedger and her professional-life-saving proofing skills that keep all of us looking smart, no matter how crushing the volume of work…  I’m thankful for the constantly inventive Anita Salomon who continues to expand her wide range of writing voices to suit any sort of situation…  I’m thankful for Adam Samara who continues to grow as an ever more accomplished writer through his willingness to rewrite, sometimes even for good reasons…  And I’m thankful for Sarah Sharon who brings her tri-athlete’s dedication and focus to every project she touches…  I’m thankful for Chris Shen who works the same way he rocks: hard…  I’m thankful to have the superlative Brad Simpson back, along with his immense design skills and unmatched productivity…  I’m thankful for Toby Smalley who loves the work and so endures the whole long and circuitous process it takes to sell and protect it…  I’m thankful for Jennifer Smith comes in and helps us crank out keylines galore for CDH…  I’m thankful for the professionalism and capability of Cathy Snarskis but I’m even more thankful she is such a wonderful audience for any presentation…  I’m thankful for Sam Sommers who dedicates herself to every agency pursuit with a winning, single-minded focus…  I’m thankful for the daily editorial efforts of Lynda Spence without which no one at the agency would ever check out this blog…  I’m thankful to work with one of advertising’s most gifted minds in Alan Spindle who acts like a creative Vince Lombardi, championing and celebrating his team with a singular charm…

People can surprise you in so many ways.  To be surprised and delighted in a new way every day makes this job a unique pleasure.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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