Still More Thankfulness for 2010

At year’s end, it makes sense to take stock and reflect on what truly matters.  In a people business like advertising, those you share your professional life with truly make a difference…

Element 79, Chicago Advertising, Dennis RyanI’m thankful for the incomparable Mary Killen who creates order out of chaos with casual aplomb…  I’m thankful for Gillian Kindel who has made herself invaluable in short order, and not just for her willingness to wear swimwear out of season…  I’m thankful for the casually gracious Monica Klasa who creates art and beauty with wondrous consistency…  I’m thankful for Rosanna Klusmeyer who has mastered the art of replacing a slow-burn with a determined smile…  I’m thankful for the redoubtable Michael Kurbejeweit who brings remarkably fresh creativity to metrics, extracting gold from mounds of informational ore…  I’m thankful for the endlessly-resilient Chris Laubach whose creative forbearance endures even incivility to serve agency and client alike…  I’m thankful for Sandy Leib who eliminates risk while only rarely eliminating fun…  I’m thankful for Cheryl Lindquist who explores far and wide for the best way to turn our thoughts into things…  I’m thankful for AJ Livsey who approaches planning like it’s a full-contact sport…  I’m thankful for the designs and artfulness of Allison Lutze (and her helpful discretion)…  I’m thankful for Jo Lyons who can explain benefits simply despite the fact that they are never simple…  I’m thankful for the skills and commitment of Tom Macek who is always willing to stretch into new areas to keep helping the agency…  I’m thankful for Ronan Marra who lives the art of modern theater while classing up the joint with his charming brogue…  I’m thankful for Megan McCann who can juggle critical details without letting any of them fall and splatter all over us…  I’m thankful Alexis Miller just joined us to help out on CDH…  I’m thankful for Elizabeth Miller, particularly for ensuring the agency enjoys a rich and rewarding social life…  I’m thankful for Gina Muffoletto who defines creativity by mastering just enough Photoshop skills to make her monthly birthday announcements eagerly anticipated works of comic art…  And I’m thankful for the peripatetic Lisa Muzik who proves everyday that producers make Herculean tasks appear stunningly routine…

It’s hard not to be thankful when you work with so many people who make the work better.  And definitely a lot more fun.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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