Kick Off The Week with Another Toe-Tapping Typographic Ditty

My friend Steve Brodwolf of Blu-Sky Ideas (formerly Chicago now–sadly–New York) passed along a link to this video last night.  It combines three fascinating things:

1.  Clever kinetic typography that deftly illustrates a story by Jarrett Heather.

2.  A catchy tune from an unsigned yet flourishing via Web 2.0 musician named Jonathan Coulter.

3.  Over the top branding easily recognized by our post modern, marketing obsessed culture.

Shop Vac from Jarrett Heather on Vimeo.

If anyone can tally an actual count of the brand references in this thing, please pass it along.  I’ve tried doing that three times this morning but I keep getting lost in some new detail that catches my eye.  This really is a nice piece of After Effects work.  Happy Monday!


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


2 thoughts on “Kick Off The Week with Another Toe-Tapping Typographic Ditty

  1. Don Bradford says:

    It was fun to watch and listen. Creativity at it’s best! Great job! Doubt if anybody can top that! Do you have Steve’s new number since he moved to NY? Thx – Dr. D

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