Of Course Your Brand Wants Fans

Sure…  Every brand wants fans these days, right?  A whole new sector of marketing agencies have sprung up, dedicated to converting ordinary consumers into motivated brand advocates and dedicated brand fans!! And yes, I did just add two exclamation points to the end of the prior sentence.  You know, for emphasis.

But has anyone really stopped to consider what that means, what hardcore fandom looks like?  Brands can play critical roles in peoples’ lives, but only at limited, highly-specific times.  To be a brand fan 24/7 wouldn’t actually be a very good, it would be kinda weird.  It might even scare off the more populous ranks of casual fans.

Case in point: this guy.  The self-proclaimed world’s biggest Harry Potter fan.  If you click the link, you’ll watch him spend three excruciatingly-painful minutes arguing his case with a zeal that makes you weep for future generations, all in an effort to win some lame contest from Moviefone.  You have been warned…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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