Friday Video Awesome: Pick Your Flavor

One of Carlos Castaneda’s better known quotes reads:

“The trick is what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy.  The amount of work is the same.”

So for those that emphasize the miserable, enjoy (if that’s the right word) this compilation of FAIL.  And know that if these videos get any more widespread, Congress and some hyper-litigious lawyers will soon move to outlaw BMX biking, skateboarding and rope swinging.  Those Jackass guys well represent a nation that’s long on video cameras and short on common sense…

On the other hand, if you accentuate the positive, you might prefer this compilation of WIN: close calls where bystanders, or actively foolish candidates for the Darwin Awards, somehow cheat tragedy by mere fractions of an inch…

Either way, Happy Friday.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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