Nothing Opens Minds Like A Well-Chosen Analogy

It’s a classic technique in debate.  And creative development, for that matter. When you reach an impasse, consider your subject from a totally different perspective.  Make a comparison, draw an analogy, reframe the argument.  Does it still make sense?  Does the new context change the meaning?  Does it reveal something you never questioned as inherently ridiculous?

That’s what a smart new series of web videos for Jet Blue do, courtesy of Mullen, the greatest advertising agency to ever come out of Rhode Island.  As the rest of us have grown to accept ever more crowded cabins and added fee gouging over luggage, four hidden camera,Candid Camera style spots take these airline practices to different venues and in the process, throw a harsh, unforgiving light on such anti-consumer tactics.  My favorite, posted below, brilliantly questions baggage fees, but others address issues around cramped cabins, stingy extras, even multi-stop ticketing.

It doesn’t look like this was a particularly glamorous shoot, but all the spots have an energy and intelligence that’s become increasingly rare in advertising.  Nicely done.

And Happy Friday…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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