Some Friday Music Video Awesome…

You know, back when I was in college, MTV actually played music videos (I know, I truly am that old).  And it was kind of awesome to see what ideas filmmakers would come up with to make those videos awesome.  Happily, some filmmakers still are making music look awesome.

First up is the band Hollerado with their exuberantly titled track “Americanarama.” Somehow, with this full scale 8-bit exercise, they even find a way to actually one up those reigning musical visualists Ok Go!

I’d also like to introduce Greg Laswell’s “Take Everything”, a charming video produced by Otto Arsenault of Optimus ONE.  This piece opened the Annual Advertising Community Shorts Night filmfest on Tuesday and deservedly earned an MT Music Video Award for Breakthrough Video.  It’s a wonderful piece of filmmaking for a terrific tune.  Enjoy, won’t you?d

Man, isn’t watching music great?  Happy Friday…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


PS:  Of course, if you want to watch some real musical genius, check out Baby Teeth.  They are music’s Friday night.

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