The Right Place, The Right Time

Those are two legs of life’s Tri-fecta: the right place and the right time.  The third would be the right opportunity.  Bring all three of those together and everything suddenly crackles with adrenaline and excitement.

But like any game of chance, only hitting two doesn’t really do anything.  It’s kinda like matching four numbers on a Bingo card; so you got ‘ingo’–big deal.

I didn’t wake up thinking about Life’s Daily Place-Time-Opportunity Triple Crown, but when I fired up Yahoo! Sports, I saw this photo…

Dennis Ryan, Element 79, Chicago Advertising

Mark Pain, a UK photographer for the Sunday edition of The Mail, captured this incredible perspective on a muffed chip shot from Tiger Woods.

The perspective of this photograph is remarkable.  A step to the left and Mark misses the shot.  A split second earlier and he misses the shot.  Another golfer, and his shot is merely interesting.

But oh the wonder of the right place, the right time and the right opportunity…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element  79


PS:  Dennis Ryan, Element 79, Chicago AdvertisingDid you notice this fella enjoying a cigar in the background?  You will find his photo under the dictionary definition of ‘insouciance.’


3 thoughts on “The Right Place, The Right Time

  1. Kathryn Talty says:

    I think the guy with the cigar takes this photo from “treacherous” (knowing that ball had to hit the photog) to “treacherous and hysterical”. Kind of like the game show “Wipeout”.

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