Some Simple Positive Impact from Design

It seems to me, the least you can do as you bump along through this world, is try to create some positivity and enthusiasm so that wherever you pass, you leave smiles in your wake.

This design for a child’s bike tire literally does that: playfully, effortlessly, continuously.

Dennis Ryan, Element 79, Chicago Advertising

Titled ‘Spread Your Love’, this design comes from Hamed Kohan of Iran, and it earned him a place on the shortlist of design entries in a recent designboom competition.  If you’ve never heard of designboom, they are worth checking out regularly.  Basically, they are international design nerds with a deep, deep website that covers most every aspect of that art.

Every design, from the pragmatically functional to the most ludicrously fantastic, creates a language of its own.  Apple has long exploited this to differentiate and enhance their brand, to the point that their product and packaging design alone generate spirited and widespread discussion.

As marketers, we rarely get to impact design, and yet it is crucial to any brand’s voice…even the sweet, chuckling little girl’s laughter of this sweet bike tire brand.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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