A Friday Example of Awesome

This video exploded across the web over the past few weeks.  TItled “Epic Skateboard Video!” it captures something incredibly rare in the world of video.  But don’t take my word for it; go ahead and give it thirteen seconds…

(Whoops!  The poster pulled the video from YouTube this afternoon…not sure why.  You can still find the video HERE.)

It may be a trick, it may have the lasting heft of cotton candy–nevertheless, that’s nicely done.  The popularity of this one-take, ill-lit clip testifies to the power of shaking up expectations, to our human delight in surprise.  Surprise is an extraordinarily rare commodity, particularly these days as video content pours in at a crushing volume through all manner of devices.

Still, when you find it, it’s magic.  Like this raw little gem.  Happy Friday.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


One thought on “A Friday Example of Awesome

  1. Han says:

    Strategies nail relevance. Viral videos like these nail the unexpected. Wouldn’t it be amazing if marketers could manage to put those two things together more often? Props to Gillette’s Old Spice for doing both.

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