Nothing Sells Like Enthusiasm

Human beings are gregarious creatures.  We thrive in groups, continually and inevitably forming societies both for practicalities like mutual protection and intangibles like emotional reassurance.  As independent as we can be, mankind still exhibits a powerful, instinctive tendency toward herd behavior.

And what do we follow?

Powerful leaders with vision, certainly.  Physical might, moral authority, raw charisma all serve to elevate leaders above the pack.  But there’s one other quality that–in my opinion–is massively underappreciated.


Joyful, unfettered, vocal advocacy for anything can be enough to turn heads and make people consider your POV; again, we have not entirely shed our need to herd and assemble.  Enthusiasm is a beautiful human quality, and one that inevitably attracts.  In these ironically-detached times, anyone with the courage to display their emotions without restraint is a breath of fresh air.

All of which is probably way too overblown an introduction to some video clips that truly brightened my workweek and raised a smile from everyone who watched it as it went viral.  Given that magical quality, it seems the perfect day brightener to send all of us happily into a sunny Summer weekend.

First the original clip…

Maybe he’s just a hippie.  Maybe he’s too excitable.  Maybe he’s baked out of his mind: it doesn’t matter.  Paul Vasquez’s emotional excitement at the sight of a double rainbow is so raw and genuine, you can’t help but see his point.  It is a double rainbow, it is all-the-way, and indeed, what does it mean?



And now the inevitable autotuned remix.  Hey, it takes enthusiasm to put in the effort to share a joke you love with the world too.



Paul Vasquez wonders about such cosmic omens.  And because he does, next time I see a rainbow, I will too, with just a little more enthusiasm than I might have mustered before.

Happy Weekend!


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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