Influencing Key Influencers: Pilpel Swimwear’s Social Media Masterwork

I know it’s Friday. And Summertime.  So posting a video filled with girls in swimsuits might seem like I just want to help ease the way into the weekend…

Hardly.  This is the case study for Pilpel; an Israeli swimsuit company that leveraged Facebook to launch their new line with extraordinary results.  This three minute video outlines their simple tactic: create an event around thirty teen girls–a week long luxury experience in a plush villa–and provide them with the tools to spread the word about it.

Oh, and choose those thirty girls based on the size of their friend network and popularity on Israel’s Facebook.

These days, marketers can make things simpler for themselves by just thinking of Social Media as Crowdsourced Public Relations.  You can’t totally control it, but you can certainly encourage and shape it.

Pilpel leveraged social media by doing a very social thing; they threw a fun party.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


PS:  Special thanks to Brad Simpson for finding this and passing it along–the man is digitally omnipresent.


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