As The Blackhawks Enter The Finals This Weekend, More Than The Stanley Cup Is On The Line

The Stanley Cup represents a massive achievement in hockey.  It comes only at the end of the most grueling and long playoff season in professional sports where a few missteps can eliminate even a hugely talented team.  Think about it–while we’re enjoying the sun this Memorial Day Weekend, that team will still be grinding it out in the manufactured chill of a hockey arena–that goes against nature…

But there’s one other goal waiting at the end of this series, should the Hawks prevail: endorsements.  Sure, they are all pros and huge competitors, so they probably do not allow themselves to think of that yet, but if they take home the cup, all sorts of companies, big and small, will be calling agents and managers, trying to wrangle appearances and endorsement deals.  For a sport as regularly ignored as professional hockey, this can be a wonderful thing for the athletes.

Proof?  Check out this vintage gem with the Golden Jet below:


Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend and of course, Go Blackhawks!


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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