Parenting, Mirroring, and Passing on Geeky Tendencies to Children

When I was a kid, the anti-smoking PSA “Like Father, Like Son” seemed to run constantly.  A Dad and his boy spend an easy Saturday together, painting the house, washing the car, skipping stones, and everything the man does, his little towhead tries to do as well, right up to the moment they sit down under a tree and he reaches for a smoke.

I don’t have a son, but we do have two girls.  And last night, as I watched them while their Mom went to book club, I sat on our bed, tweaking this blog.  My ten year old brought the family laptop in and sat down next to me.  She noodled a bit then asked if she could write a blog entry too.  About a year ago, she saw me doing this and asked to start her own.  So I found the page for her, helped her set up a post, then went back to work.  And so did she.

Like most kids, she’s not a particularly dedicated journalist, still her subject matter (chinchillas, Benihana onion volcanos) perfectly reflects the rangy interests of an elementary schooler.  Last night, she wrote an entry about school and her teacher, Ms. Feldman…

Dennis Ryan Chicago Advertising Element 79


Hmm…I better get going.  I gotta do some cancer research, work on improving crop yields in third world nations, and try to get my mile time under four and a half minutes…

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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