The 9th Annual AICE Awards and A Big Thank You To All Our Editorial Partners

Last night, the AICE–the Association of Independent Creative Editors–held their 9th Annual Awards Show at the Field Museum.   Optimus Editor Craig Lewandowski took home the “Best of Chicago” award for a spot he cut for our client Cricket Wireless.  It’s a lovely brand spot, showing how the “Respect” theme pervades a modern city, with more and more people picking up the signal that Cricket and their no contract, fixed rate offering has become the best value in wireless.

It’s typical for advertising creatives to single out the work of a director: directors are at the center of any production, making a thousand and one decisions that impact the look and feel of the spot.  Directors serve as the final arbiter of what will appear before their lens and how.  Successful directors inevitably become brand names in the industry.

And yet in most cases, it’s the far less heralded editor that determines any production’s impact.  More spots have been lost in edit than in production.  Pacing, storytelling, tone: the editor sets it all, frame-by-frame with every cut, every fade, every shot selection.  And they do it with the further burden of direct collaboration with the agency–and often the client team.  Not only must they excel at their craft, they must master persuasion, diplomacy and tact to really drive their creative achievements.

All of which makes editing a singularly challenging job.  In my career, I’ve been very fortunate to work with some spectacularly gifted editors.  Last night, the AICE honored the relentlessly creative and affable Craig.  Today, I’d like to thank every one of his peers who works with us to make things better.

We all have our opinions, but in the end, we truly succeed when you have the final cut.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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