So, Does This Make You Think Of Kraft Cheddar Mac & Cheese?

Sunday morning, Texas Stadium–the place where the Cowboys earned five Superbowls, Emmit Smith ran for his career rushing record, and the architects left a large hole in the center of the ceiling “so God could look down on his favorite team”–collapsed into a heap of rubble as part of a planned demolition.  A series of detonations and this stadium and its nearly sixty-six thousand seats were no more.  And it wasn’t just the passing of a storied football venue: Texas Stadium also held a place in advertising lore as the location for the classic Coca-Cola “Mean Joe Green” spot.

Perhaps because Texans have a hardtime underplaying anything, Chris Berman emceed the farewell on ESPN and fans paid for the right to hold all-night tailgaters and watch the minute-long event.

More remarkably, Kraft paid $75,000 for the rights to sponsor it.

All because Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner will introduce a new flavor this year–Cheddar Explosion.  So at the beginning of this year, they ran a promotion to find–in Kraft’s inimitable over-explanatory, legally-safe words-“the nation’s most dynamite kid (9-12 years old).”  And apparently, they did find one dynamite kid (9-12 yearsold) to serve as the Grand Marshall and push the button to detonate Texas Stadium.

I just wonder if anyone told Kraft “Cheddar Explosion” that the detonation was actually an implosion?

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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