Yeah Imagination! Shop at Brooklyn Superhero Supply.

It is true: you can find basically anything out there on that world wide web.  Today’s case in point?  The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Need a cape?  Check.  Lab supplies?  Check.  Other superhero ephemera rich with potential and possibility?  Check and check.  This e-commerce site is so lousy with interesting items, it makes your average department store seem about as interesting as oatmeal.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. sells unusual items like robotic sharks and omnipotence in convenient gallon containers, along with other touches of genius like evil blob containment capsules and invisibility detection goggles.  The  ultimate beneficiary of all of these exceptional product offerings is the free writing and tutoring programs at 826NYC: a remarkable nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 develop their creative writing skills through things like drop-in tutoring, field trips, and after-school workshops.

I don’t know if their merchandise actually does anything to stem the spread of intergalactic evil, but it certainly helps stop the creeping evil of inanity and dopiness.  Which is enough to make me a fan.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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