What Am I Missing?

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Seriously, I don’t get these.  They confuse me.

Picture 2

And like a typical consumer, when I feel confused by an advertising message, I don’t think I’m stupid, I think the brand’s stupid.

Picture 4

And that’s probably not a good thing when you’re advertising.  I mean, it is them, right?

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

3 thoughts on “What Am I Missing?

  1. troy hayes says:

    Really? I like these. I think of it as Vegas Chic.

    If they used the real French spelling, their target wouldn’t know what they said.

    I think it captures the weird mix of American xenophobia meets fake sophistication that Vegas stands for.

    We want to be cool but not if means we gotta dress up and know which fork to use.

  2. dennisr61684 says:

    Oh man. Thanks Troy. I never even put together they were all French phrases–I couldn’t get past the phonetic spelling.

  3. Mark says:

    When I see things like this I’m reminded of the Simpsons “Mr. Plow” episode in which Homer hires McMahon & Tate, who produces an avant-garde ad involving snow globes. After the ad runs, Lisa turns to Homer and asks “Was that it?” and Homer says, “I don’t know.”

    I don’t know what this is or does for them. What it says to me is they’re acknowledging that they couldn’t use the actual spelling of the foreign words in their ads because their target clients either wouldn’t get it or would view them as effete if they used the French. More dumbing down. But I’m not a Vegas guy.


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