Tombstones and Dead Magazine Titles

Because it’s the internet and the source of all things you need even if you didn’t realize it, I found myself looking at this site: a collection of the twenty-five funniest tombstones of all time.  And in that interesting collection of granite misfortune, I came across this particular gem:

Picture 2

Stone cold irony, that.  But it made me think of another article from Advertising Age that cited all of the magazine titles that had failed in the past year.  The list is kind of staggering, including such well-recognized titles as “Gourmet” “PC” and “Blender.”   Of course, everyone attributes this to behavioral shifts brought on by the internet era and they may well be right, though I still like the tangibility of paper magazines.  Doing the NY Sunday Times crossword just feels better with a pen.

Anyway, here are just some of those recently deceased magazines.  You might not miss them when you have your laptop, but on your next flight, all that could change when you have to shut down anything with an on/off switch.

Picture 3

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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