The Advertising Industry Lighthouse: Enthusiasm

As part of a new business pitch this morning, we’ve been reviewing the Lighthouse philosophy of challenger brands as espoused by Adam Morgan and the big brains at “Eat Big Fish.”  At the most simplistic level, a Lighthouse Identity helps a brand define what it stands for, both out in the marketplace and inside the company hallways.eatbigfish_logo

It’s a well-reasoned, very pragmatic approach to positioning and shaping brand considerations and perceptions.  And last night, over omelets and coffee at a roadside Perkins, it got a few of us thinking about what we would consider our own agency identity, what one thing galvanizes us and represents the best of this advertising business.  We quickly arrived at one thing: enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm for the process, but far more importantly, enthusiasm for our product: ideas.  In the marketing business, ROI really boils down to Return on Ideas.  Ideas create perceptions, differentiation, empathy and engagement.  Ideas separate and celebrate.  Ideas are our ultimate product.

And anyone who touches them, influences them or sells them does that better when alight with the energy and group-lifting zeal of enthusiasm.  YEAH!

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

One thought on “The Advertising Industry Lighthouse: Enthusiasm

  1. ST5K!!! says:

    Check this action!

    First two thoughts that pop into my head when you talk about enthusiasm for ideas are:

    1. Dual Quad 427 hoisted into a Cobra. This turns cool guy into real cool guy!!!
    2. Tony Iommi’s decision to put fake fingertips on the middle and ring finger of his right hand. No tips = No heavy riffage my friend!!!

    Not sure why these thoughts came to me so fast and furious. They just did.

    I had to lay it on the line for ya.

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