Collected-Thinking: Now In Handy E-Form

Actually, You Haven't Exactly Read These Before

Actually, You Haven't Exactly Read These Before

Back in 1983, Peter Gabriel released his “Plays Live” double album and as an avid fan, I bought it and spent hours poring over the liner notes.   Actually, what I mostly remember about those notes was how he cheekily copped to ‘cheating’; the majority of the tracks featured overdubs and other sonic clean up and tightening work he performed later in a studio.  So while it was an audio record of his live performances, they were dolled up a bit to make them slightly more presentable.

I think that’s entirely reasonable.  I’m wrapping up a wonderful two-week Wisconsin vacation by traveling to Minneapolis this morning to make a presentation on social networking.  As part of that, I pulled together an e-Booklet called “Collected Thinking” which assembles twenty representative posts from this blog.  As I edited them, I did a good deal of revising and rewriting, reordering and reconfiguring.  Hopefully, the result is more coherence and focus.  Of course, if you’d prefer, you can take the opposing view and say I cheated.  I won’t hold that against anybody.

You can download a .pdf of it here: CollectedThinkingEBook .  Or you can go to and buy it, but that would be rather needlessly extravagant, wouldn’t it?

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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