The Right Tool For The Right Job: Old School Outdoor

Not That Henry Would Want Billboards Near Walden, But...   


Not That Henry Wanted Billboards Near Walden...

My older daughter Zoe spent this Spring rowing crew: a beautiful sport that involves a great deal of standing around waiting and driving across states to regattas.  As a result, we recently roadtripped to Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, both of which took us down that long stretch of I-65 connecting Chicago to Indianapolis…

Which may explain why billboard creative is on my mind these days. Most of us learned the old ‘seven word guide’ for billboard advertising, but few of us follow it.  Too often, either the client or the agency wants to force in more branding or support points or that long wordy tagline from the TV.  All well intended, all incredibly unfortunate at 70 mph: billboards are not print.

The best billboard I saw was not a creative masterpiece.  It would not make it into anyone’s book.  It simply featured a huge Wendy’s logo and these four words: “Next Exit Turn Left.”  And guess what?  I got off at the next exit and turned left.

Sometimes it takes great discipline and restraint to use the right tool for the right job.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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  1. mark0905 says:

    Guess you missed the “Hell is Real” billboard on the east side of I-65 between rensselaer and Lafayette.
    I followed those directions too, but not in the way the “client” wanted me to.

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