On Brands. And Brandfill.


Replace These Discards With Logos And You Get The Idea
Replace These Discards With Logos And You Get The Idea

In this 24/7/365 all-access culture we inhabit (Brought to you by Sprint and the Now Network!) where every location (Your White Sox play at US Cellular Field!), every event (the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl!), and damn near every flat surface (Your message on this parkbench!  Right under the pigeons!) presents an ‘exposure opportunity’ for yet another brand, a certain recognitional numbness inevitably seeps into the populace. 


As marketers, we don’t help that by flooding the online marketplace with an estimated 3.6 trillion banner ads every year (that’s 3.6 followed by eleven zeroes).

Simply put, we live in a Brandfill™…which I just added to by including the semi-snarky, and totally unnecessary ‘™’.  We have too many brands shouting too many messages in too crowded an advertising ecosystem.

The challenge these days is finding ways to lift our specific client brands out of this anonymous muck of saturation, parity and irrelevance and finding ways to drive active engagement, to incite interaction.

That’s no small task (so talk to a Harris Banker–We’re Here to Help).

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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