Today’s Early Adopters Less Driven By Socialization, More By Monetization

Businesses Line The Nest for this Little Birdie     

Businesses Are Lining This Little Birdie’s Nest

A fascinating new post on ComScore outlines how Twitter traffic has exploded over the past few months, and then further details which demo is driving that growth.  And it’s probably not the one you think…

Conventional wisdom says that early adopters of technology are primarily young, and historically that’s proven to be true.  But we are living in a very unique time as an unprecedented rate of change directly impacts traditional behavior patterns.

When baseball players Twitter from the dugout, celebrities and news shows Twitter from their sets and businesses strive to Twitter to every real and potential customer they can scrounge up from the blogosphere, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that its highest indexing demographic is not the 18-24 year old segment that traditionally makes up social media’s early adopters.  Actually, the highest indexing demographic is 45-54 years old.  Seriously.  Tweet that, Rockin’ Robin…

Now the sheer size of that late Boomer demo partially explains this phenomenon, but it actually makes sense in context of today’s gold rush scramble by American businesses trying to figure out a relevant approach to social platforms and their siren’s promise of ‘free’ media.

This rush to monetization has helped Twitter grow exponentially over the past few months.  And with its open API and laissez faire attitude toward user driven evolution, Twitter should remain relevant for quite some time.  By investing in this platform, businesses inevitably extend its social lifespan.  It always makes sense to follow the money…

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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