No Post Today–It’s My Birthday

Jack Loves Birthdays      

Jack Loves Birthdays

In this age of Facebook, that means I am fortunate to have a ton of nice notes and well wishes to answer.  And no, I don’t do that mass reply ‘status update’ thing; that seems unsportsmanlike for someone who calls himself a writer.  Each note deserves a personalized reply, preferably with its own individual witticism…or attempt at witticism.

Anyway, I’ll go learn something really cool tomorrow and post then.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

One thought on “No Post Today–It’s My Birthday

  1. dougK says:

    Hey d, i’m sure you told me this a long time ago, but when/how did you switch from Graphic design/drafting, etc. to writing?
    And thanks for the personal witicism. Personal notes go a long way in this age of electronic customer service…

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