Perception vs. Reality…Who Ya Got?

Perception v Reality: A Fightcard Perennial            

Perception v Reality: A Fightcard Perennial

In the marketing business, the smart money always lays down for perception.  And in today’s converging marketing business, that creates a classic brand challenge for traditional agencies: how do you enhance perception for your own company’s brand?

Last week during a TV shoot, a client announced that he had hired a ‘viral’ agency.  In his mind, they offered what we couldn’t because they specialize in viral–that’s all they do.  Further, they’re young and we’re old.

Really?  Huh…

Never mind that this viral agency’s calling card remains a nearly five year old effort that made a naughty but modest splash compared to our traditional agency’s “Ballgirl” effort that grew into the biggest viral hit of last Summer.  And really never mind that any marketer paying attention has already moved past the rather simplistic ‘views = viral’ mindset to require added dimensions and brand engagements for a deeper consumer experience beyond mere view counts.

No, in cases like these, facts don’t matter: perception does.  As it always does. Perception–even misperception–is reality.

On our already crowded agency ‘to do’ list, clearing those up just shot to the top.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

One thought on “Perception vs. Reality…Who Ya Got?

  1. tom says:

    I would argue that what the client wanted was a “young” “viral” company that they could trot around to their co-workers and say “Hey look who I got working with us…don’t worry things will be just fine.” Doesn’t matter about results just give me the best looking date at the prom.

    And if they are getting what they want out of the relationship well then that is just great. My fear is that clients are short-sighted and the results they get will change forever their perception of the medium.

    But hey, your post was about perception vs reality. You know I’d rather go to the prom with a kickin’ date than with someone who looks like they’d be fun. But I only feel that way now because I’ve been burned.

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