The Song Remains The Same

videoinsider_gldAs someone all too easily dismissed as an old “TV guy,” it’s amusing to watch how my digital brethren get all dreamy and wide-eyed as they discuss the infinite possibilities of “Online Video.”  A recent post on Video Insider suggesting a number of ways corporate America can use a ‘video-centric web’ caught my eye because it seemed to suggest radical new possibilities for the medium.  But a quick read revealed it merely amounted to a suggested laundry list of video that most corporations already produce.  The only magic is now they can be posted on the web!  Huh…

I don’t mean to be snarky, but this seems less like break-through innovation and more like simple re-purposing.  Which is a fine pursuit; but let’s not pretend that it is particularly groundbreaking.  Nor worthy of specialized jargon and lexicon.

Given that the world collectively uploads 9200 hours of video to YouTube every single day (for reference, one year = 8760 hours), the mere existence of video on the web is hardly news.  The prerequisites remain unchanged: if you want me to care, it has to be remarkable.  You know, like this.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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