Sadly, It’s The Adweek News That Fits These Days…

This One Could Have Started with "B"       

This One Could Have Started with “B”

Ahh, Monday: the first workday of 2009. And the day the new Adweek arrives. Today’s edition features the lads from Crispin, coverboys again as Agency of the Year.  Frankly, I stand in awe of CPB has created such a fawning press mythos, but am actually more intrigued by Co-ECD Rob Reilly’s insightful if grammatically imperfect quote: “We ask ourselves, ‘Would the press write about it?’  We use that as a guide and it’s worked out pretty good for us.”  Great thinking that, and it probably explains a lot of the fawning…

Anyway, a cursory flip through the magazine revealed an underlying editorial theme, a steady drumbeat echoing the fear so prevalent in the market and our industry today.  

Page 4. The Year Ahead: this article sports the subhead “The advertising industry will feel the pain more than many in 2009.”  Page 5?   A Not-So-Banner Year For Digital Marketing warns that “As budgets tighten, media like display ads will come under scrutiny.”  Pages 6 and 7?  “Economic tumble will intensify the scrutiny of every client dollar spent” and Daunting New Year Looms for Networks.  Pages 8 and 9?  “I see budget cuts, and doing more with less” and “The simple truth is, agencies of all stripes stand to see their market position erode more severely than either advertisers or media companies.”  Next we get opinions on “Betting on the Uncertain” and Thriving in 2009–“…this fiercely challenging year.”

Okay, we get it.  Things are tough and getting tougher.  

Which simply means the best among us will be the ones who create the ‘man bites dog’ stories.  Good.  Let’s go.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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  1. george tannenbaum says:

    Dennis, Craig S. just introduced me to your blog. I’m enjoying it. (Craig and I were partners 25 years ago at Lowe in NY.) When you have a chance, please check out my blog:

    Here’s to surviving in ’09.

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