Have You Hugged Your Media Partner Today?

Who Doesn't Love a Hug?

Who Doesn't Love A Hug?

God I miss media people.  And not just because you could always rely on them to pass along some sweet swag like Fox News coffee mugs or Cat Fancy umbrellas…

No, I miss media people because just when we needed them most, holding companies aggregated them away from us.  Just when the off and online worlds exploded into an infinite array of channels and outlets, the lifeguards left the new media pool.

We use the net everyday, but that doesn’t mean we know the net.  It doesn’t mean we know which sites work together and what initiatives cross platforms and link audiences and messages in seamless new ways.

Which presents a huge problem, or at least an enormous opportunity lost.

Admittedly, the intentions behind aggregating media people seemed good, if you don’t count those ‘efficiencies’ that removed a painful number of jobs back in the 90’s.  Holding companies connected clients with media megaliths swinging very heavy bats and wielding enormous influence over the mass media and everyone was really happy for a while.

Too bad the damned micro-media picked that very moment to enter the scene.

What a bummer that we could provide clients tremendous value in broadcasting, but wielded no influence over—and precious little knowledge about—narrowcasting.

Because that’s where connection planning suggests we go.  That’s where the deeper, two way interactions lie and where ideas that connect people to brands truly thrive.

So maybe its time to take a media person to lunch.  Given the cutbacks in the industry, it would probably be a very welcome gesture.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

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